Parasite Testing Role
Micron Agritech is hiring for someone experienced with parasite testing in animals. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to play an important and impactful role within a highly disruptive startup. We are award winning and have received a lot of publicity. 

About us:
Micron Agritech is a start-up working to improve the quality of life and reduce the negative impact
of our modern human lifestyle.
We are currently developing Tástáil, a portable kit that will allow farmers to test their
animals instantly and for parasites. This will allow for the reduction of medication misuse in
agriculture, creating a healthier world.
We are a dynamic, highly motivated and adaptable team. The right candidate will have to
be as excited about our mission as we are. 

Who you are:
● You are a team worker, that enjoys collaborating with others
● You are self-driven, remaining organized and target-focused when you self-manage with
precise time management
● You have excellent communication skills and can effortlessly present ideas
● You enjoy learning new things and can draw from different areas of knowledge to formulate
new ideas
● You are passionate about making a difference in the world

Skills and abilities:
● Completed a course/module on microbiology-parasitology
● Able to analyse the quality of images taken of faecal samples
● Can identify parasite eggs in faecal samples of Irish farm animals

Your role:
As a microbiologist you will need to analyse images of faecal samples and critique quality of images
to the standard.
● You will need to be familiar with parasite eggs that can be found in Irish farm animals
through-out all seasons
● You need to be able to carry out the flotation test using the McMaster method
● You need to be open to testing out new methods of carrying out the flotation test and
critiquing how it compares to the standard

● Highly competitive part-time pay
● Highly flexible workflow, with option to work from home or our modern office in the heart of
Dublin City
● Flexible, outcome-based hours
● Incredible experience within an important role in an emerging start-up

To apply simply send a paragraph outlining your relevant experience to or click the button below to automatically compose an email