Day: 6 April 2021

How have we been dealing with Covid

How have we been dealing with Covid-19 as a Start-up company? The pandemic that hit Ireland in March 2020 has completely changed our world. As a start-up with only 5 team members made up of 4 founders who were undergraduates in their final year, and the 5th was part-time undergoing her PhD. July of 2020 […]

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Earthworms… such odd creatures

Earthworms… Such Strange Creatures Read More Earthworms… such odd creatures. They are basically a mouth and an anus and that’s it. But how very important they are to our ecosystem and land. Firstly, earthworms are everywhere. Within 1 hectare of land, you can find anywhere between 100,000 to 100,000,000 earthworms. Combined that weighs 100kg to […]

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