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Where It All Started

In 2019, Daniel Hijazi, Tara McElligott, Sean Smith and Jose Lopez, began research that focussed on the resistance farm animals have to medication. During the course of their research, they realised how underserviced the agricultural industry is by technological advancements and the benefits that new tech could provide to an industry that’s increasingly under pressure. 

After much research, theorising, and problem solving, the four entrepreneurs decided to go all-in on their idea. They began the ideation process for the Micron Kit with a passion and ambition to create change, with no funding behind them. They wanted to make a difference and create a solution that benefits everyone. Thus the Irish start-up company Micron Agritech was founded.

From Concept to Creation

At Micron Agritech, our number one goal is to make an impact within the Agriculture industry. To us, this means creating a device and app that makes a difference.

Our initial idea was to help with the resistance to medication in farm animals. Through development, we discovered that we could finesse it down even more and pinpoint precisely what farm animal is carrying the parasite and how to treat it without blanket dosing. This took a certain amount of innovation, ingenuity, creativity, and collaboration between us, which are some of our fundamental values.

Our Growth

Since Micron Agritechs inception in 2019 our team has grown to now have:

Innovative individuals
Different nationalities
Locations in Ireland and Wales

Our Team

Our team comprises 14 ambitious, innovative individuals passionate about making a difference using advanced technology.

Our team includes our advisory board, team leads, and our founders, who bring a diverse range of expertise across relevant disciplines to make Micron Agritech a success.


Daniel Hijazi



Sean Smith

Commercial Director


Tara McElligott

Research & Development Director


Jose Lopez

Product Director


Vineeth Das

VP Software


Harry Shanahan



Ankit Sharma

Software Engineer


Ryan Williams

Software Engineer


Pallavi Jain

Data Scientist


Madeleine Bucki

Veterinary Lead


Aisling Dillon

Product Designer


Karl Brennan

Product Engineer


Mark Roche

Product Manager

Our Values

We hold our values close at Micron Agritech. Above all, we value our team, ingenuity and agility. These are the values that everyone in our team resonates with.


Ingenuity and innovation are at the forefront of our company. Our team is working together to bring the best version of the Micron Kit to the market, with more revolutionary agritech solutions in the works.


We are keeping pace with the latest technological developments, and the agricultural sector needs to be able to respond to gaps in the agriculture sector in Ireland with usable technological solutions


Our team of diverse, open-minded people that bring unique perspectives is essential to guiding our vision to the forefront and creating a better, more sustainable future for grazing animals.

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Get Started Now

Micron Kit is portable and easy to use for farmers and vets alike. A member of our testing advisory team will be happy to give a free demonstration. Get in touch to request a demo today!