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Micron Kit the future of animal health.

A picture of Micron Kit and the Micron Kit analysis reader with a phone and app beside it.

Micron Kit is the only tool you need to rapidly run GI worm & fluke FEC testing in cattle, sheep and horses. Test animals for worms like never before with rapid, automated results straight to your phone. With Micron Kit test animals then treat to avoid and monitor medication resistance and help save your clients time and money.

A picture of Micron Kit and the Micron Kit analysis reader with a phone and app beside it.

Running a FEC test.

From sample preparation to analysis running a FEC on Micron Kit is simple. Our cutting-edge AI technology generates results in under 10 minutes.


Collect a faecal sample on farm.


Using our simple instructions prepare the sample for analysis in 5 minutes.


Insert the sample into the reader. Your phone will now scan the slide for worms and coccidia or fluke.


In under 10 minutes, you will receive a comprehensive PDF report with results. The report is customisable and is branded with your business logo and info.

What's in the case?

Your Micron Kit includes everything you need to start rapidly testing animals for worms, coccidia and Fluke.

Watch it in action.

Watch how our customers use Micron Kit to advise farmers and animal owners on parasite management best practices.


Micron Kit is being used by leading veterinary practices around the world. The impact our technology is making is measurable and we let our statistics speak for themselves. 

parasite eggs catalogued
eggs detected
minute average for results
animals tested

Get Started Now

Micron Kit is portable and easy to use for farmers and vets alike. A member of our testing advisory team will be happy to give a free demonstration. Get in touch to request a demo today!