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    Why test with Micron Kit?

    Testing animals through Micron Kit makes treating animals easier than ever. The Micron Kit allows you to diagnose the problem and administer the correct dewormer to the animal in need, reducing long-term resistance. Here are just a few reasons the Micron Kit is the perfect solution.

    Save Money

    Worms are a costly challenge; a parasite burden reduces animal yield and feed efficiency, while blanket dosing animals eats into profits and causes resistance. Using the Micron Kit saves money and increases profits, as you only need to focus on treating affected animals.

    Reduce Resistance

    Parasite resistance is a common challenge across farms in Ireland. Rapid testing allows you to quickly diagnose and dose livestock with the proper medication, reducing the threat of resistance and giving you more control over your animals’ health.

    Save Time

    We know your time is precious and having to medicate all your animals takes away from more important tasks you can be doing on the farm. Reduce the time it takes to medicate your animals by only targeting the affected ones and save precious time.

    Cattle Parasites and
    their Symptoms

    There are four primary parasites that the Micron Kit test for, Strongyle, Nematodirus, Coccidia and Strongyloides. The two ringworm parasites, Strongyle and Nematodirus, can cause parasitic gastroenteritis, which can lead to a sudden onset of diarrhoea and, if left untreated, can cause death. At the same time, Coccidia is one of the more common parasites that cause damage to the intestinal tract. The final parasite, Strongyloides, also known as threadworm, is an infection in the small intestine which can bring on malnutrition and diarrhoea. Finding and treating cattle that are infected with these parasites is important for the health of the herd. 

    Find a farm vet close to you that has a Micron Kit in use and make testing and treating your cattle easier than ever before.

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    Benefits of the Micron Kit

    Test and treat your cattle instantly with the Micron Kit. When using the Micron Kit, the sample you upload to your phone will be taken and tested by our advanced technology. Over 5,000 are taken from your phone and put through our AI system. Our AI model accurately detects the eggs of the parasites and provides quantitative analysis. The result comes directly to you within a half hour of testing. This means you can find and treat the infected cattle instead of having to treat the whole herd. 

    Accessing this advanced technology has never been easier, as all of the testing and results come directly to your phone. Work with your vet to set up a profile so you can keep a history of your infected cattle and how often treatments are given. This will give you a clear view of what types of parasites are most common and what cattle are most vulnerable. 

    Find your local farm vet and work with them to ensure all of your cattle are properly tested and protected against parasites all year round.

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