An app to rapidly test cattle for worms on-site. Simple.

All you need to know about Dictyocaulus Viviparus.

How It Works!

Why Test For Worms With The Micron Kit?

The Micron Kit is a pen-side testing kit that allows farmers or vets to rapidly detect parasitic infections in livestock. Samples are analysed via the Micron Kit app through a revolutionary Machine Learning  AI process. This saves time and reduces spending on medication.


Internal parasites are the most common health issue in grazing animals and have a significant impact on animal yield and feed efficiency.


The current method of testing for parasites involves sending a sample to a traditional lab for analysis. Results take up to 5 days to come back.


A farmers most valuable asset is their time so, most farmers treat animals without testing, leading to resistance issues. In an Irish study resistance was found in 100% of surveyed farms.


This over-medication of animals is leading to a global resistance issue. The EU will be banning treating without prescription in January 2022.

Save Time

Receive rapid and comprehensive results in under an hour, and cut out time spent on unnecessary dosing, increasing farm efficiency.

Save Money, Increase Profit

Worms decrease feed efficiency and animal productivity. With blanket dosing proving to be unnecessary 40% of the time, increased testing enables farmers to decrease costs whilst increasing yield through targeted treatment.

Reduce Resistance

Reducing blanket medication avoids the build-up of anthelmintic resistance, a costly, irreversible challenge. Micron Kit allows farmers to take back control of their animals’ health.

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