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An App To Test Your Cattle For Worms. Simple.

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Why Test For Worms With The Micron Kit?

The Micron Kit is a pen-side testing kit that allows farmers or vets to rapidly detect parasitic infections in cattle. Samples are analysed via the Micron app through a revolutionary machine learning process. This saves time and reduces spending on medication.

Save Time
Analyse dung samples in under 10 minutes and receive rapid results.

Save Money
There is a high chance your cattle do not have a gut-worm infection. Save money with more informed dosing.

Reduce Resistance
Micron Kit allows for target dosing to ensure the correct wormers are used, avoiding resistance build up. 

Scoop Your Poop!

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How It Works

The Test Is Simple.

1. Collect a dung sample

2. Follow the simple steps to prepare the sample in under 10 minutes.

3. Attach your smartphone to the Micron Sample Reader and open the Micron app to automatically analyse the dung sample with our cutting-edge machine learning technology.

4. Receive the parasite test report once the sample has been analysed

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