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The worms are winning.

We are thrilled to invite you to join us for an insightful CPD-approved webinar on preserving anthelmintic efficacy and combating medication resistance in gastrointestinal (GI) parasites in livestock.

The only app to rapidly run FEC tests for fluke and worms on-site and in real-time.

Carry out a FEC worm or fluke test anywhere and at any time with Micron Kit. Using AI technology, proficiency-tested results are delivered within minutes straight to your phone. This is animal health reimagined.

Animal health

The average wait time for lab results is two days, which just isn’t fast enough. Micron Kit gives you FEC and fluke test results within 30 minutes, giving you time to focus on more important things – like running your practice or providing your clients with a world-class animal health service.

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Micron Kit contents:

A picture of Micron Kit and the Micron Kit analysis reader with a phone and app beside it.
The Micron Kit reader with the phone in the analysis position scanning a sample.

The results
speak for themselves.

Micron Kit is being used by leading veterinary practices around the world. The impact our technology is making is measurable, and we let our statistics speak for themselves.

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parasite eggs catalogued
eggs detected
minute average for results
animals tested

Not just a kit.
We are your partner.


Independently proficiency tested through VetQAS


Suitable for use in AHI/DAFM parasite control programme


Rapid FEC and fluke results on your phone in 12 minutes (avg. time)


Standardised process, training provided for all staff

In-App Support

Dedicated support team recommended by vets

Fully Portable

Perform tests & share reports with clients on-the-go


Fully reusable, metal slide reduces plastic waste


10s of thousands of animals tested

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Order Micron Kit.

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Testing with Micron Kit just makes sense.

Testing animals through Micron Kit makes treating animals easier than ever. The Micron Kit allows you to test for fluke and worms, helping identify the disease and administer the correct dewormer to the animal in need, reducing long-term resistance.

Bring testing in-house

With Micron Kit, you can bring FEC and fluke testing in-house overnight without complicated training or equipment.

Increase testing capacity

Micron Kit’s superior testing speed will be 10x your testing capacity. 

Become a market leader

Rapid testing enables you to quickly understand herd health and offer a premium service to your clients.

Save Money

Save Money

Worms are a costly challenge; a parasite burden reduces animal yield and feed efficiency, while blanket dosing animals eats into profits and causes resistance. Using the Micron Kit saves money and increases profits, as you only need to focus on treating affected animals.

Reduce Resistance

Reduce Resistance

Parasite resistance is a common challenge across farms in Ireland. Rapid testing allows you to quickly diagnose and dose livestock with the proper medication, reducing the threat of resistance and giving you more control over your animals’ health.

Save Time

Save Time

We know your time is precious and having to medicate all your animals takes away from more important tasks you can be doing on the farm. Reduce the time it takes to medicate your animals by only targeting the affected ones and save precious time.

Compatible with Ruminant & Equine samples.

Micron Kit can be used to test for GI worms, liver and rumen fluke in cattle, sheep and horses. We are continuously adding new species to our testing platform. An investment in a Micron Kit is an investment in the future of animal health.

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