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Rapid FEC Testing
across the UK

Micron Agritech Rapid FEC Test Kit

Protect your livestock from Parasitic Gastroenteritis (PGE) with our FEC testing UK kit. This simple faecal egg count assesses worm burdens in cattle and sheep, guiding strategic deworming and preventing costly health issues. Grazing animals face seasonal threats, so start monitoring early and consult your veterinarian for a tailored FEC program. Ensure optimal animal health, welfare, and responsible parasite control – all benefits of FEC testing in the UK .

Rapid FEC Test Kit - Micron Agritech

Why Choose the Rapid FEC Testing Kit?

Medication resistance in farm animals in the United Kingdom is a common issue that many farms and vets face. With the Micron Kit, the rapid FEC testing assesses the number of worm eggs passed per gram of faeces, which includes all the equipment, to test samples from grazing animals. Micron Agritech has revolutionised large animal testing in the UK with the rapid FEC test kit.


Collect a feacal sample.


Prepare the sample for analysis.


Scan the sample.


Receive comprehensive results in minutes.


Share the fully automated and custom branded results report with comments.

Micron Kit Contents

Your Micron Kit includes everything needed for large animal testing in the UK, as soon as you receive it. There’s no set-up required; all you need is your kit, a smartphone and our mobile app to process results.

A Modern UK Agri Solution

Micron Agritech was set up to help fight medication resistance and to give farmers more control over their farms with rapid FEC and FECRT testing. Micron Kit is the first step on that journey. See it in action below.


Micron Kit is being used by leading veterinary practices around the world. The impact our technology is making is measurable and we let our statistics speak for themselves. 

parasite eggs catalogued
eggs detected
minute average for results
animals tested

Get Started Now

Micron Kit is portable and easy to use for farmers and vets alike. A member of our testing advisory team will be happy to give a free demonstration. Get in touch to request a demo today!