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Large Animal Testing

Micron Agritech Rapid FEC Test Kit

The Micron Kit revolutionises animal health with on-site testing of large animals. With near-instant worm and fluke testing, you can bring testing in-house with little to no training. Taking control of animal health and offering your clients a cutting-edge animal health service, all the while diversifying your existing business. 

With Micron Kit, blanket dosing of large animals is a thing of the past. Rapid testing enables anti-parasitic treatments to be targeted and only given when necessary avoiding the build-up of medication resistance.

What is medication resistance in farm animals?

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is a global threat to both human and animal health and occurs when microorganisms such as bacteria and parasites develop resistance to medication that formerly treated the infection. Parasite AMR is widespread and genetically inherited, making it very difficult to treat. The overuse, incorrect dosage and incorrect choice of anthelmintic drugs lead to a minority of surviving, resistant worms providing the majority of eggs animals ingest from pasture. This increases the change of medication resistance in large farm animals year after year and eventually leads to a drug becoming ineffective.


Collect a feacal sample.


Prepare the sample for analysis.


Scan the sample.


Receive comprehensive results in minutes.


Share the fully automated and custom branded results report with comments.

How do you know if a cow has worms?

Gaining the knowledge of what parasite is present and in what quantity can help determine if one anthelmintic is more appropriate than another, thus significantly reducing the use of an incorrect antimicrobial and following best practices for prudent antimicrobial use.

Micron Kit, the fast, portable parasite test kit developed by Micron Agritech, allows veterinarians and SQP’s to make informed decisions on which anthelmintic to prescribe by performing a Faecal Egg Count (FEC) and getting results on the parasite species and burden level within minutes.

After an anthelmintic has been administered Micron Kit can also help vets to determine treatment efficacy when performing a Faecal egg Count Reduction Test (FECRT) or a drench test (composite faecal sample).


Micron Kit is being used by leading veterinary practices around the world. The impact our technology is making is measurable and we let our statistics speak for themselves. 

parasite eggs catalogued
eggs detected
minute average for results
animals tested

Fast, accurate result trusted by leading practices. A modern agri Solution

Micron Kit is being used to test thousands of animals a day. We take pride in the accuracy, quality and speed of our results.