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Liver Fluke Testing

Micron Agritech Rapid FEC Test Kit

Liver fluke, a flatworm parasite, causes significant economic losses in livestock, particularly cattle and sheep. It thrives in wet climates and contaminates pastures, leading to symptoms like bottle jaw, poor coat, and reduced fertility. Early detection is crucial as untreated infections can be chronic and fatal. Testing with the Micron Kit +Fluke helps diagnose and assess treatment effectiveness.

With Micron Kit, blanket dosing is a thing of the past. Rapid testing enables anti-parasitic treatments to be targeted and only given when absolutely necessary, avoiding the build-up of medication resistance.

Rapid Liver Fluke Testing for Vets | Micron Agritech

What is Liver Fluke?

Liver fluke is an economically important parasitic disease of grazing animals caused by the flatworm Fasciola hepatica. Liver fluke disease is estimated to accumulate around €2.5 billion in costs to livestock and food industries globally, including an estimated cost of €90 million to the Irish industry. Symptoms of liver fluke infection include bottle jaw, reduced feed intake, lowered fertility, lack of thrive, and poor coat. These infections can be chronic and can cause anaemia under heavy parasite burden.


Collect a feacal sample.


Prepare the sample for analysis.


Scan the sample.


Receive comprehensive results in minutes.


Share the fully automated and custom branded results report with comments.

Fast, accurate result trusted by leading practices.

Micron Kit is being used to test thousands of animals a day. We take pride in the accuracy, quality and speed of our results.


Micron Kit is being used by leading veterinary practices around the world. The impact our technology is making is measurable and we let our statistics speak for themselves. 

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