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Huge crowds flock to this year’s London Vet Show at the ExCel Arena

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Last week saw the return of the one of the most prestigious veterinary conferences of the year, the London Vet Show. The event took place at the impressive venue that is the ExCel Arena in London, where over two days delegates were able to learn all about the various different products and services on the market today which can help bring a vet practice to the next level. One of those products is the Micron Kit developed by the Irish agtech start-up Micron Agritech, who exhibited at stand D16. Commercial Director, Sean Smith and Customer Success Manager, Stephen Fagan made the trip over from Dublin to speak with over a thousand vets, nurses, and other industry attendees at the show. Here, the Micron Agritech team invited delegates to find out how exactly veterinary professionals can use the technology to save time, drive revenue, and strengthen patient care through rapid animal health diagnostics.

A sneak peak inside the exhibition main hall

Session topics ranging from small and large animal medicine, exotics, farm, equine and practice management to veterinary nursing and exciting industry innovations took place in each of the many conference halls for delegates to soak in the knowledge passed on by other industry colleagues. Some of the highlights of the talks were the discussions around animal welfare, veterinary as a profession for the future and tackling the challenge of anti-microbial resistance to medication on-farm. Speakers came from all over the world to share their two cents with the audience as they strove to capture and inspire so many over the two day show.

L-R: Melissa Donald (President at RCVS), Sean Smith (Commercial Director at Micron Agritech) and Stephen Fagan (Customer Success Manager at Micron Agritech)

One of the highlights for the Micron Agritech team was getting to meet Scottish vet and President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), Melissa Donald, at this year’s London Vet Show. Over the course of the conference, Melissa took part in four separate discussions in the lecture halls speaking about faecal transplantation, managing birds and reptiles in practice, the Under Care proposals put to vets and how the RCVS are supporting the veterinary profession to evolve into the future. We were delighted to welcome her to the Micron Agritech stand and take learnings from her wealth of knowledge after years working within the industry.

Discussion on understand what the next generation of vets want from the profession, hosted by vet, Alice Moore.

The London Vet Show gave attendees the opportunity to engage with and learn from over 350+ exhibitors of practice-transforming veterinary products and services, and learn from leading thinkers and visionaries in the world of veterinary care and animal health. With so many of talks providing some excellent CPD content, the vet show’s programme was jam packed with the perfect combination of  both clinical and non-clinical discussions. At the Micron Agritech stand, Sean and Stephen gave demonstrations throughout each day on how the Micron Kit works, highlighting the many benefits it offers, while handing out fliers packed with information to everyone who stopped by.

Micron Kit information leaflets handed out to delegates at the London Vet Show.

While the farming sector is facing one of the most difficult economic and business climates, our focus at Micron Agritech is on the need for vets to maintain and indeed act as the change makers to encourage high standards of care for client’s animals in the face of the continuing cost-of-living crisis. These are especially challenging times for vets, and the feedback received from attendees at the London Vet Show reflected this. Recognised specialist in sheep health and production Fiona Lovatt gave an excellent talk speaking about the continued focus on the responsible use of anthelmintics and antibiotics in practice. Her presentation looked at current best practice measures and how to work with farmers to plan ahead, prevent disease and protect the flock or herd so that animals remain healthy and the need for treatments are reduced.

L-R: Stephen Fagan (Customer Success Manager at Micron Agritech), Kevin Fennelly (Agri Market Advisor at Enterprise Ireland UK), Sean Smith (Commercial Director at Micron Agritech) and Rachael Sleath (Market Executive at Enterprise Ireland UK)

The London Vet Show, organised by CloserStill Media, gave delegates the chance to kick back and meet old friends again, while networking with some new colleagues within the veterinary world. As a key message taken from the conference, empowering veterinary clinics to provide their clients with real-time monitoring and rapid diagnostics in-house gives them the tools to issue necessary advice so that animal treatments can be targeted and sustainable for the future. It’s important, now more than ever, that we all consider how to motivate change and encourage others to progress with us as we aim to drive the future for animal care and health. If you missed meeting the Micron Agritech team at the show and would like to speak with us or arrange a virtual demo, please feel free to book a meeting with a member of our team here.

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